Friday, May 1, 2009

More Poetry, Less Cops

photo taken in Colombia by Luisfer Jaramillo, dedicated to Laura

I'm reading in Philadelphia as part of Abbi Dion's Wine-O series, with a slew of other people including Hailey Higdon, whose poems are crazy good. Here's the specifics:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Begins at 7:30 SHARP!!

447 Poplar Street
Philadelphia, PA

Brandon Holmquest * Isaiah Thompson * Hailey Higdon * Donald Deeley * Joshua Rosenzweig * Phil Mahoney * Abbi Dion * Frank Fucile * Mike Buckius * and Mike “Rock me like a Hurricance”

I'm planning on reading my new series, "Like the hands in Egon Schiele paintings" which I wrote in March. Here's the first poem in the series:

When I grow up I want to be Leonora Carrington

I bet, wherever you are right now,
you're drinking some rapper's vodka,
having a laugh after another
minor accident.

It's ten years ago,
cardigans and clarinets.
I'm in Minnesota, you
can rent me. I'm teaching
awkwardness at the
Iowa School for Nerds.

We'd have gone all the way if I hadn't thrown up.

I was already balding,
reading in bars, bright
turquoise t-shirt
with the Eiffel Tower on it.

Somebody named
a martini after that shirt.

I'm gonna wind up
drinking scotch,
on the rocks, reading
book reviews instead of books,
going outside every so often
to smoke a metaphor.

It's Halloween,
I'm dressed as a puppet,
another metaphor.

Remember blue hair?
Remember we spent all day
staring at the reproduction
of Nude Descending a Staircase
Joey's parent's had
hung above their staircase?

This place is a shithole.
I should have said: Keep driving.
Don't stop. Don't even
slow down. I'll puke
out the window if I have to puke.

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