Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hula Hoops Forever

So I am reading this Tuesday at one of my favorite places to read (and no, they're not ALL one of my favorite places to read). The place being the Wine-O bar, where readings are hosted and toasted by the ineffable Abbi Dion. If you've never been there, all I can say is come and bring your champagne shoes.


7:30pm - 10:30pm


447 Poplar Street, Philadelphia
(N 5th and Poplar, bit south of Girard)

Also reading are Hailey Higdon, who you really must see, Stephanie Marum and Mike H. Martin. I'm told the "H" stands for "hurricane." All heavy hitters. Basically this reading is one of those late 80s supergroups where everybody was in another megaband before but now have combined their rock powers so as to rock yet harder.

As for myself, I'm going to read a children's book for ungrownups I wrote last winter called Girlette's Disordered Alphabet. I've been saving it for the right time, and that time is now. Here's three of the poems, gotta come out to hear the other letters.


Girlette is not about
to try to explain herself.

Please, we beg, please Girlette,
we just want to get
to know you better!

Absolutely not!
she says,
that's how it starts
and then
next thing you know
there's tabloid journalism
all over everywhere.

So just the facts!

Name: Girlette
Age: 9
Hair/Eyes: Yes, both.

Likes: myself, hula hoops, kitties, dresses, etc.
Dislikes: dolls, tea parties, Boy, Jr.

But Girlette!
we protest,
That's not enough!
We need more!
Girlette! Please!
You don't have to tell us
everything, just, maybe,
how about one thing
for every letter
in the alphabet?

Girlette twists up her mouth,
dubious, thinks it over.

Alright, she says, but listen:
I'm doing you a favor
so nobody better try to
paparazzi me later on.



Boys are something I
generally oppose,
says Girlette,
and none more so
than Boy, Jr.

He is a BEAST!
And also very BAD!

He stinks and he has no
manners to speak of
and if he
tries to kiss me again
I think I'll slug him.


Insects are not,
I repeat,
NOT proper toys,
Girlette insists,
though apparently
no one told
Boy, Jr.

He is so gross.
I tried to tell him:
Stop playing with bugs
they will not
fight to the death
in that Bell jar
no matter how much
you shake it!

He didn't listen.
He never does.
Do you know what he did do?
He ate a bug!
I mean really ATE it!

Then he chased me around
and tried to kiss me,
so I slugged him.

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  1. Hopefully this is a suitable little bio / way to whet the public appetite.