Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hungry...so hungry...here's a recipe

Mildred Pierce, a lovely zine edited by John Bylander and former Philadelphian Megan Milks, just posted a brief interview with me as part of their series on starving artists. They also talked to Leeyanne Moore and Sandra Newman, among others. So read those words already.

And, on the topic, here is the recipe for my national dish, Meximess. A big pot of vaguely Mexican food that's delicious, cheap, and lasts for days. I had to invent this in Chicago when I discovered that the only grocery stores in my neighborhood were Mexican ones. It has gradually been perfected over the years.

1. Some kind of meat, such as chorizo or chicken or carne enchilada or cecina. Or no meat, if you prefer.

2. Onion/garlic

3. Cumin and some kind of dried chili peppers, salt and pepper

4. Beans, I like black, you do whatever

5. Rice.

Put the rice on. Obviously in a separate pan, brown the meat then toss in the onions and garlic, then the various spices. Sweat the onions then toss in the beans. When they're hot add the rice and stir like mad.

You can serve this either on small tortillas, like tacos OR in a big tortilla, burrito-style, or even in a bowl with some tortilla chips if you're feeling informal. I always always top mine with fresh pico de gallo, sour cream and Yucateca hot sauce. You have my permission to do whatever you like.

I made this earlier tonight and the total cost was $24. It'll last 3 or four days.

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