Saturday, February 20, 2010

Instant Poem Mix, Add Water

A collaborative poem by myself, Ryan Eckes and Kelly Whiskey.

Sweet Calcutta Rain

When I come
I come blood
and glitter and
plasterdirt thru
my hair, which is
made of a baseball
cap I bought at
Q mart,
the sweet dirt mall
offering stolen power tools
and miniature animals.
(Like goats and ponies <3!)
Draining day after
day through the
glory hole, peek-a-boo!
I threw shoes through
your mom's open mic.
She said,
I'ma give you a
buckfifty if you
don't clean your room and
make me a vodka and OJ (aka screwdriver.)
Aka nine-liveser, I
want to fuck the
entire Danish
curling team.
Seriously. Throw
the cat off the balcony
already. You know it
will land on its feet
it's a cat we're on
the 15th floor.
Take the stairs down
to check
cause I'm skurred of
the time we got stuck in
the elevator at Disney World!
Danish girls! You must
whip it! Whip it good!
Last time I was whipped
was in Girl Scout camp.
I'd like a smoothie, please.

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  1. Kelly Whiskey...Mmmm, lover of lovers, modern marvels, epic smirk...uh, I meant, smile. -Shoshalicious.